Neighborhood Groups

Get Involved

“The best deterrent to crime is for you to get to know your neighbors.” – Priscilla Lisicich, Executive Director of Safe Streets Campaign

Safer neighborhoods begins with you.

People are the heart of the Safe Streets Campaign. Community members of all ages, business leaders, government officials and others who are determined to create and sustain healthy neighborhoods.

But no one can do it alone. Each pair of eyes, every new idea—each pair of hands—adds strength and breathes life into our work. Plus, the work we can do together is so much more than what any one of us can accomplish separately. It all starts with getting to know your neighbors, then making a plan to tackle the challenges in your community.

What is Community Mobilization?

Community mobilization is about empowering individuals, families, youth, neighborhoods and organizations to create safe communities.  Safe Streets Campaign assists communities to get mobilized to deal with the current issues or crime trends.  We know that creating better, safer communities is something we can do together.  Community safety depends on each community member getting involved.  Everyone, young and old, can make a difference.

Who can get involved?

Everyone has a voice in their community

Why should you get involved?

The best crime prevention tool is a good neighbor and there are more community members than law enforcement.

Organized neighborhood groups have been shown to decrease quality of life crimes and make the community safer.  A vigilant community is a safer community that cares about each other.

2013 Superstars
Outstanding Block Group - Fern Hill Neighborhood Group 

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